SOS. Again!

Can’t believe my good fortune.  Now for the fourth morning in a row, SOS is on the menu!  Glad to see it.  Don’t get it at home.  Not sure why.  Will have to do something about that.  The commentary on SOS is amusing.  Go back to my May 15 post – Luray Caverns and read my two paragraphs on SOS (just under the photo of the St. Francis of Assisi Church).  And then read the commentary between my son Matt and me.  Too funny!

If you don’t know, you can see comments that folks have made, and my responses (I make it a practice to respond to all comments and encourage everyone to leave a comment) by going to the very bottom of a post and clicking on ‘X Comments’.  In this case ‘4 Comments’.  Also if you push the ‘Follow’ button and leave your email address, you’ll get an email every time there’s a new post.

Change of plans.  I need to get home on Friday rather than Saturday, so tomorrow I’ll skip visiting all those waterfalls near Cashiers and Highlands.  So today drive the last part of the BRP and into the kind of, twin towns of Sylva and Dillsboro.  I want to stay at the Best Western in Dillsboro to see that river that flows behind the motel.

One more thing.  Yesterday I brightened my room here in Asheville with flowers picked from the plantings out in front of my room.  Mother Nature always welcomed here.  I’m thinking this morning of picking a fresh yellow one for my dashboard.

Alright then.  Time to get packed and go.  Jump in shotgun and join me on this last day on the Parkway.  Let’s go.  We’re burning daylight!

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4 Responses to SOS. Again!

  1. angelo638 says:

    GO PETE!!!!!!!!! Drive safely. Ange f


  2. Pete Ruts says:

    Last big day tomorrow Ange. Through the Smokies NP. And then home from there.
    Glad to see you following along and thanks for your sentiments. Cheers, Pete.

  3. Drive safe on your way North Dad!

    I like the flowers, nice touch. We do that after each and every hike through the woods. Nature always has something beautiful!

    Quincy is ready for your love😎

  4. Pete Ruts says:

    The flowers are indeed a nice touch. I presented a rose to the young lady at the front desk at the Dillsboro Best Western. And I have one in my room now to give to Louise when I get home.
    Will have to put some breakfast sausage in my cooler for Quincy.

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